A Foundation for the
Third Internet Era

dWeb Foundation is a community-organized effort charting the frontier toward a decentralized internet, with handshake at the root.

The internet is open

We are supporters of the early decentralized internet, aiming to 1build (dWeb) integrations, 2create secondary and tertiary layer infrastructure, 3incubate a new generation of pioneers.

dWeb for the Universe

Built on

A private, secure, person-to-person web, "locked open", made possible by incoercible trust protocols and decentralized apps.


Own your own TLD extensions, be your own registrar.


Anonymous, peer-to-peer, distribution on the blockchain.


Cryptographically authenticated identity and resources.


Permissionless protocols, secured by the network.


Tokenized, proof-of-work ownership & certification.


Equal access, public commons anyone can particpate.


Durably decentralized, attack and censorship resistant.


Unlimited naming, app and service possibilities.

For an uncensorable, robust and democratized, internet of people.

Assist us in decentralizing
the world wide web.

"Whatever we build, it must be about all of us and none of us at the same time."

— Unknown

Support the dWeb Foundation in the quest for a rich, equal, interconnected internet.