Jan. 17, 2022

dWeb Foundation 2021 Grants: A Year in Review

The dWeb Foundation started awarding grants for projects in 2021. Let’s take a brief look at those grants.

2021 Grants A Year In Review


The first grant awarded went to Namelayer. Namelayer will be a Handshake mobile wallet that will lower the barrier to entry for new users to get onboarded onto Handshake and hit the ground running with a user-friendly UI. Users will be able to manage and buy/sell Handshake domain names, self-custody their HNS coins, perform TLD renewals, and use it for various other functions that you'd normally have to do through a domain name registrar.

Currently, the project has been funded up to its first set out of milestones out of three, with the Bob Wallet extension with ledger integration as its current focus. By the end of January 2022, v1 milestone will have been delivered.

HSD Development and Maintenance

The second individual awarded a grant by the dWeb Foundation is to Nodar, a Handshake core dev, for ongoing Handshake development and maintenance. As the name suggests, Nodar focuses part time on developing, maintaining, fixing, and improving various components of the Handshake repo.

This project has been granted a full year of part-time core development work for $4,000 USD per month.

The following are previously completed or on-going tasks in the project:

  • Improving, fixing, and reviewing backlogged pull requests
  • HNSD memleak fixes
  • Increasing test coverage in the IP stack related library binet
  • Finalizing Release Process Document

The project’s funding is slated to run until the end of the year.

HNS Africa Community Development

The final grant comes at the tail end of 2021. HNS Africa aims to bring the message and mission of the decentralized web to Africa, where technology stands the best chance at leapfrogging Web 2.0.

The dWeb Foundation has granted this project a 2,000 HNS microgrant to kick off Handshake educational meetups starting in Nigeria.

Be a Part of the dWeb Revolution

The dream of a decentralized, secure, and transparent internet is starting to take shape. This is just the beginning of a long journey. If you would like to bring a project forward that can help contribute to the decentralized web, fund your project with a grant from the dWeb Foundation.

Join us to fight for the decentralization revolution.