Oct. 13, 2021

The Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit Returns with Featured Speaker Glenn Greenwald

The Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit Returns with Featured Speaker Glenn Greenwald

The Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit Returns with Featured Speaker Glenn Greenwald

I’m thrilled to announce that renowned journalist and constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald will be the featured speaker at the second installment of Priv8 Online, the premier gathering dedicated to the future of Internet privacy. The event will take place virtually on November 15th, free of charge and open to anyone who wants to attend.

Centralized corporations and government institutions worldwide are increasingly testing the limits of individual privacy in the name of public safety. Simultaneously, powerful technology companies hold greater sway over global commerce, public policy, and media narratives than ever before.

Priv8 is conceived as a global forum for experts from across the privacy space to share their perspectives, concerns, and experiences. The event provides a unique venue for essential conversations on how people communicate, transact, and live in a time of pervasive digital surveillance.

Handshake and Orchid have brought together a world-class group of experts and advocates from various business, government, academic, and nonprofit spheres. Mr. Greenwald is the author of four New York Times bestselling books, including No Place to Hide, which exposes the United States government's surveillance practices and details his experiences reporting on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, who spoke at the first Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit in March.

Priv8 will include a number of other keynotes and panels, which will cover a full spectrum of privacy-related topics, including the rising tide of financial surveillance, privacy in public policy, corporate jurisdiction over individual information, and the ongoing tension between individual rights and public health.

More details about Priv8, including the summit's agenda, will be published over the coming weeks. We’re having speakers like Zach Vorhies, the Google Whistleblower, talk about Google’s machine learning fairness algorithm.

On the blockchain side, Eric Meltzer, founder of Proof of Work newsletter, Christopher Jeffrey, lead developer of Handshake, and Matthew Zipkin, core developer of Handshake.

Blockchain technology is central to the mission of introducing a censorship-resistant internet experience while preserving the privacy of its users. It can help people everywhere reclaim the Internet as a place of freedom and exploration rather than one mired by authoritarianism of our current tech overlords. The Priv8 summit is bringing the web 3.0 community together to expand knowledge, solve problems, and set new goals. Priv8 is the global stage where essential conversations about privacy and human rights take place.

Hope to see you there!

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