Jun. 22, 2021

The first dWeb Incubator cohort!

It is our great pleasure to announce the kickoff of the first dWeb Incubator cohort!

Teams that have applied have been notified of the results. Those moving to phase 1 of the incubator will be invited to a private orientation and kickoff event on:

Thursday July 1, 2021
4pm -6pm PST (San Francisco time)

During this kickoff event, all teams and mentors are welcome to join to learn more about the program structure, meet the teams, mentors, and get ready for an action packed July.

dWeb Graphic

Join the discord to meet your fellow incubates.


Below are the teams who have been accepted into the program

Project: Puma Browser, Yuriy Dybskiy
Puma is a mobile Web3 browser that enables seamless payments for creators and access to ILP, HNS, ENS and other decentralized protocols. Private by design.

Project: Building games using HNS, Brad Manderscheid
We would like to build a simple, classical, multi-player turn-based dice game (yahtzee) that would utilize handshake logins.

Project: Shakestats, Robert Raichici & Guatham Elango
We are a platform designed to accelerate the ability of name traders through providing the most relevant and up to date on chain data, statistics and tools.

Project: AroGo, Prashant Maurya
ArGo is a platform that ships users web application and data to the decentralized ecosystem in just few clicks.

Project: Handy Wiki, Sebastian Rasor
The Handy Wiki is the place to go for when looking for information about the Handshake protocol or various Handshake projects.

Project: TLDKing.com, Paul Singh
TLDKing.com is the first registrar of its type offering users the opportunity to register thousands of SLDs with a single click.

Project: .wallet TLD, Scott Florcsk
This project gives anyone a second-level domain under the Handshake domain "wallet" and will be a phased project.

Project: Indigitus Router, Don Wilder
Decentralized router with Sentinel dVPN & an HNS resolver

Attention Mentors:
If you are a mentor or interested to apply to be a mentor, please connect with the dWeb Foundation for guidelines and mentor policy program.


About the dWeb Incubator
The dWeb Incubator / #ProjectdWeb is a program hosted by the dWeb Foundation to foster innovation and development in the growing decentralized internet arena. With a focus on branding, marketing, and fundraising, the program helps startups in the community prepare their brand and pitch to enter the next level of business and expansion.

Thank you on behalf of all our team in forming part of this exciting collaboration.
We're looking forward to connecting and sharing.

Best regards,